Society is being programmed


  Society is being programmed by the media, government, and religious groups. You can see it for yourself everyday when you hear people talking about the latest thing that happened on American Idol, CNN, or some other meaningless event. Life is as life does and I believe we have no control over anything excluding our own decisions which lead to the consequences that ultimately change the world for better or worse. The majority of people go through life repeating what they have been programmed to think and say by the previous generations and their peers. Through out time people have been ridiculed and killed for questioning the beliefs and systems that were in place before they were born. I believe this is a catalyst for ignorance.   Let’s take the most controversial example “The Bible”. This book has been used to stir up wars and control the masses for thousands of years. Another key point that should be pointed out is that this book originated from ancient texts that other religions also believe in but of course the masses have been programmed to not except any other religion because of course everyone else is wrong and they are right. Throughout recorded history more people have died over religion than anything else. So many people are so worried about what everyone else believes that they never truly become “enlightened” within their own life time. Today there are more subsidiaries of a type of church than there are religions it seems. So, even within religious groups there are conflicts. Certainly these conflicts are bred from the hate meant to be directed toward entirely different religious groups.    You can not talk to most people about your original thoughts or theories without them getting offended; if it does not agree with whatever they have been programmed to believe. I think that we could evolve a lot quicker if we focused on more real issues as a society. What I mean by real does not include man made wars, man made entertainment, and man made problems. But rather the real problems that our entire society faces such as world hunger, disease, intellectual impairment, and the protection of our Earth.    As I see it we are simple animals with complex brains. We have no idea what is going on in nature or what God is. It makes us feel better to think that we do but we are infants in the span of time. Do we really think that we can understand God and his will? Do we really think we have everything figured out? Sadly enough a lot of people believe that we do. We are so quick to assume the latest research or study we read is correct, but as most of us know “facts” are always being redefined.     I for one do not want to wake up one day on my deathbed and look back at what I did with my very limited time on this earth and think: “Well I got to see every episode of a certain show.” I refuse to be programmed and will continue to think in the box, my box.


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