Pope Stirs The Pot


Pope Benedict XVI has declared the Roman Catholic Church is the only “true” church. 

Oh little human with so much power. What are you trying to do? Is this a prelude to another religious war? Or is this simply a way to try to get more people to convert to increase the churches bottom line? Here is yet another example of religious groups claiming to be better than the other religious groups in Gods eyes. How do they know? How does anyone know? Why do so many people care what a simple man says. Sorry, but that is all any of us are; simple men or women. We are no better than any other man or woman on the planet. We may want to think we are better than the others, just like religions like to think they know what God has on his or her mind and that they are better than the other religious groups. I believe that most religious books are true history of civilization on the planet. I really wish we could go back to the unaltered ancient texts (scrolls & cuneiform tablets) and really see what was said within them and bypass the current edited versions. These religious leaders need to get over themselves and realize that people are people and they were all created equally. To argue about such things as whose God is the right God or whose church is the right church reeks of the aroma of arrogance. 


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