Military-Industrial Complex has society right where they want it



The Military Industrial Complex (“MIC”) is the true government of the United States of America. The politics that most people take part in and worry themselves over is simply a dog and pony show. There is no civilian party that can control or call our government out on anything that we as civilians of these United States of America do not approve of. As a matter of fact I believe that the day such a revolution takes place we will see the true face of our government and they will control us by force. We have been duped into paying for the real government infrastructure for generations. We have heard about this MIC from more than just President Truman. The proof of this racket is in the pudding: annual spending on federal contracts to private companies increased by $175 billion between 2000 and 2005, according to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.Like a mafia, the military-industrial complex can always manufacture a threat if it doesn’t receive its protection money. A mafia will send one of its affiliates to break a few windows if it doesn’t get paid, but the military industrial need only to have its representatives in the government provoke foreign hostility to get the same effect. This can be seen in the administrations’ policies towards Iraq and Iran over the last decade, which, rather than diffuse the situation, have only ever escalated it.I believe we need to wake up as a society and stop being blind patriots. We need to stay firm in our belief of freedom for all the people on Earth but we should not keep going the way we are going by simply following our government like a bunch of sheep. We should not allow our children to be brought up like we have been raised; believing that our government has our best interest in mind and will protect us like a mother against the evil in the world. 


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