Nikola Tesla – Saving The Top Secret Government Money


  The government comes up with a budget usually based on the previous budget they submitted. Ok, now imagine last year NASA had to use a certain engine or fuel to escape the earth’s atmosphere and propel itself to which ever destination it is headed for. What if NASA and the MIC came up with a new technology that is significantly cheaper but did not report that they had such technology? This would free up even more money for black projects. Tesla and other Nazi scientists were believed to have figured out antigravity. If they did and the government developed this technology for space and other expensive ventures they would be able to escape the earth’s atmosphere and arrive at their destination for a fraction of the cost.  This is only one example of how the government could increase their investments into black projects with out anyone even thinking twice. It is already known by just about everyone that the government is 100’s of years ahead of the civilian sector. The government also has most of society believing that people who even speak of anitgravity or time-space distortion must be crazy.


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