Nikola Tesla – Unconventional Genius


For detail information about Nikola Tesla visit WikiPedia:

Here is an Unconventional Genius that opened the way for present day electircal living. The American Government pretended not to be interested in many of Nikola Teslas ground breaking ideas. Nikola suffered an “accidental”  fire which “destroyed” most of his earlier experiments. Or did he? I believe that the government staged the fire and stole all the experiments and data that Tesla had spent his life on. Another known fact is that as soon as Tesla died the good oh government ransacked his house and stole everything again. Nikola Tesla ended his life alone in a run down hotel with a flock of pigeons. This simply does not add up. I guess the brightest of us don’t always rise to the top. Maybe those who  do rise to the top simply know the right people or they are part of the right “club”. The claims that he should of invested his money or should had held Westinghouse by a contract is a joke. Nikola was clearly a man of innovation and did not see an end to his own potential. If the government would had funded his research instead of stealing it or using it through the military industrial complex via Westinghouse and other companies he would had been set and working for his entire life.  Many people beleive that a lot of Tesla’s military applications have been in secret development and use sense before his death.



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