The Government Directs Our Fears


Click this link to see full chart: 

The government programs the masses to be afraid of what they want us to fear. If they have us afraid of terrorist then we are more likely to promote any war against it. If you notice on the chart above; one of the greatest causes of death is smoking related diseases. I have not heard of the government’s war on smoking. I have heard government officials speak of raising the taxes on tobacco products and I also know first hand that Phillip Morris and other tobacco companies reimburse retailers on every pack of cigarettes they sell. So the retailers can keep selling their products cheap enough to keep cigarettes in everyone’s hands. Even on the retailers books they show a high regular retail but they keep their cigarettes on a never ending promotion. How much money does our government make off of theses cigarette companies? Does our government own the cigarette companies indirectly? It is important to realize that our government does not only make money off of taxes and reported funding but they also have companies that perpetually funds their black projects. I believe the government also owns large companies it dumps money into only to reap the profit off of their own funding. This is just a small example of what I believe is going on within our secret government.


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