The Sun Loses its Spots-The Calm Before The Storm


While sidewalks crackle in the summer heat, NASA scientists are keeping a close eye on the sun. It is almost spotless, a sign that the Sun may have reached solar minimum. Scientists are now watching for the first spot of the new solar cycle to appear. The 11 year long solar cycle is marked by two extremes, solar minimum and solar maximum. Solar minimum is the period of least solar activity in the solar cycle of the sun. During this time sunspot and solar flare activity diminishes, and often does not occur for days at a time.When spots begin to appear on the sun once again, scientists know that the sun is heading into a new season of extreme solar activity. At the cycle’s peak, solar maximum, the sun is continually peppered with spots, solar flares erupt, and the sun hurls billion-ton clouds of electrified gas into space.

Solar maximum is often compared to the hurricane season here on Earth. Violent solar events, like flares and coronal mass ejections, are the hurricanes of space weather. These solar storms are capable of wreaking havoc with satellites, power grids, and radio communication, including the Global Positioning System.

NOAA’s Space Environment Center, Boulder CO, forecasts that the next solar cycle should begin in March 2008 and should peak in late 2011 or mid 2012. 


Here is what I think could happen:

  We all know that the Mayan calendar is set to end in the same year of the next solar max peak 2012. There are numerous claims on what it could mean. I for one think the government has already figured this one out. I think it is very possible that we are going to see our first gravitational radiation wave (tsunami). A gravitational wave emitted from our sun that has never been recorded before. It could have the potential of not only carrying an EM pulse that would disable everything and damage our atmosphere but would also cause a gravitational catastrophe. We may be flung into the ether in a split second just like a wave of water would fling you into the air. We may be flung into space or the inner atmosphere depending on the gravitational waves strength and height.We could even see an expansion effect within our own atoms which could literally rip us apart. Either way spells catastrophe for the human race. And lets not forget every peak has its trough slamming us right back into the surface of the Earth. Maybe this is why there are so many underground military installations. This may also be why the present administration wants to keep a foot hold until then by creating a “police state”.


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