UFO-Melting-Pot: “in the area surrounding the princes island 25-30 ufos spotted. video recordings exist.”

the head of the sirius space agency akdogan said, that two days before they picked up 25-30 ufo-reports and that they are in possession of a huge number of pictures and videos.

akdogan stated that in the last two days 25-30 ufos were reported in general in turkey. akdogan who stated that the ufos could be best seen on these days from the princes island said: “we made the analysis and we – as a institution – accept without a doubt that these were definetely ufos. suddenly 25-30 ufos fly in a fleet formation. for turkey this is a historic process.”

from every corner of turkey ufo-reports are raining down on the science centre. the head of the centre akdogan underlined that a lot of ufo reports were made from the surrounding areas in instanbul.

akdogan who stated that next week video and picture testimony will be released to the public said: “for the first time in the history of turkey 20-30 ufos at the same moment are to be seen. they float in fleet formation.”

akdogan said that with the ufo-reports a lot of videos came in, about these he said:

“in the technical analysis we made, the objects do definetely not match on airplanes, helicopters, satellites, venus, weather ballon or rocket projectiles.
the movements seen on the tapes do also weaken these theories furthermore.
our institution made a decision because these definitely were ufos.”

in relation to the many ufo-reports that were picked up in the region instanbul island (picture of princes island) akdogan said: “as the ufos took off they would stress the power lines on the ground. on the island are magnetik energy lines / rails, too.”
[link to www.milliyet.com.tr]
[link to www.haberturk.com]



  1. i did see this in june 2007…..from the daily HÜRRİYET (turkish media)……..

    “The man who saw seven UFOs within a day

    Ayhan Hacısalihoğlu, 43-year-old Mediterranean branch sales manager of ECA Elmor company, saw seven unidentified flying objects in the sky on June 11 at 11:30 p.m. while sitting in the balcony of his home in Antalya, wrote the daily Hürriyet yesterday.

    Hacısalihoğlu recorded the objects with his camera for five and a half minutes and showed the footage to Hasan Uğur Epirden, the chairman of Sirius UFO Research Center in Antalya, a tourist city in the western Mediterranean.

    Selahattin Kurt, the deputy manager responsible for the air traffic in Antalya airport, said that 23 unidentified flying objects had been seen on the night of May 31. However, none of them were picked up by the radar installation”.

    “The records are reviewed over and over again and we have determined that the flying objects in the records are ‘space objects’,” experts at the airport wrote in the reports of June 11 air records. Hacısalihoğlu asked $100,000 for his footage, read the daily yesterday….”

    Of course, i would like to know what they refer as “space objects”..is this meoteorites,ect. or possibly the way it has been translated (from turkish to english)…..and whether this is being disputed.

    Also in june, 2007 UFO sightings at Didim…. there have also been rumours of a possible ufo fleet sighting recently, but i cannot find any news on this….

    Previously for 2007, the only other reference i can see was from …..

    The Sabah Newspaper (an English speaking Turkish newspaper), of Istanbul, Turkey, on January 4, 2007 mentioned.

    People Claim Seeing A UFO In Istanbul
    Mysterious lights seen in Istanbul skies have baffled people on Wednesday night. Witnesses have claimed that the lights were coming from a UFO.

    In Bahcelievler district of Yenibosna, Istanbul, people have called news agencies on Wednesday night and reported unidentified white lights flying in the sky. According to the eye witnesses, the flying object was revolving around itself and was dazzling”.

    excert from http://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/07/31/ufos-in-turkey/ (my little blog)
    I’m interested in what you mention here….. as i have not seen this mentioned anywhere else…. although i struggle with the translating i’m afraid. Thanks for the information. I heard that a ufo fleet had been seen in Istanbul, but was struggling to find any more on it, so thanks. 🙂

  2. […] the area surrounding the princes island 25-30 ufos spotted. video recordings exist.” Please see here for […]

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