Bush has no intention of catching his business partner


The fact that Osama bin Laden — who planned and executed the attacks of September 11th, 2001, murdering three thousand people — is still not even a target of the President of the United States some six long years later should tell everyone in this country one thing: George W. Bush has no intention of ever capturing or bringing him to justice. And why is that? Because the Bin Ladens and the Bush Families have been business partners for over 50 years now. In fact, we might as well call it the B&B Company, because that’s what it truly is!


In the middle of the last century, a young George Herbert Walker Bush, the son of Prescott Bush, found early on that pimping cheap Arabian oil against his fellow Texan oilmen had both its political and financial rewards. Indeed, it was Bush’s relationship with his new found Arabian oil buddies that eventually cost him his bid to for the U.S. Senate from Texas after Senator Lloyd Bentsen exposed Bush’s undercutting Texas oil men with cheap Arabian crude. Sure, Bush may have lost his shot at the Senate, but what did that really matter? The grease of money from his new Arabian friends, dictators and business tycoons, more than compensated for his loss to Bentsen.

Bush soon carved himself out a very special niche in international business: he became the premier American contact and agent for the Saudi family, the Bin Ladens. In fact, this relationship was so tight that whenever GHW Bush traveled all those many years to the Middle East, he passed over the many fine hotels in Saudi Arabia…always preferring to stay in the bin Laden family palace. Indeed, the Bin Laden and Bush coziness became downright family-like. When GHW Bush’s daughter, Dorothy, divorced her husband and was “depressed”, it was the Bin Ladens who took her in — only as kinship do — giving her a place to regain herself. Later, it is reported, Dorothy would go on to provide cover for closeted homosexual David Dreier and “date” him when he needed to be seen with a woman. Such endearing family values!

Of course, GHB’s star continued to rise politically and financially with all that Saudi money bankrolling his endeavors, and by 1980 it eventually put him at the second highest position of power in the United States: Ronald Reagan’s VP. Ah…the B&B Company has its distinct advantages. Take that Lloyd Bentsen!

By this time, George W. Bush, the grandson of Prescott and the son of the Vice President Bush, was overcoming his lost decades of cocaine and alcohol abuse to discover that old family vibe ATM machine…the Bin Ladens. Young George (well, not that young), gladly took $50,000 from the Bin Ladens under the pretense and shell of a “start-up”. To the world it would be “seed money”, but in reality it was just a shakedown of his now very-powerful father’s friends. The company went broke, of course, but young (well, not that young) Bush got the $50K, didn’t he?

FAST FORWARD TO SEPTEMBER 11, 2001: Well, the documented relationship of the B&B Company (that’s a good name, isn’t it?) continues until GW Bush himself wound up as the President of the United States of America following his father’s footsteps. And my, oh my, was the B&B Company ever set now! Why there were deals and deals and deals to be made! The Bush Brothers, Marvin, Neal and Jeb, could all get in on the action, too! The B&B Enterprise was growing.

And then came the surprising events of September 11th, 2001. The Pentagon was allowed to be the target of a strike after over one hour of knowledge that a hi-jacked jet was heading its way…after the Twin Towers in New York had already been hit. How did that happen? The Pentagon? The Pentagon!

And even though the President GW Bush was out of town and busy in Florida, where his brother was Governor, his father and former President GHW Bush, was sitting in Washington, D.C. with…of all people…representatives of Osama Bin Laden’s family in Washington, D.C. Yeah, I know. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

So how could GW Bush, who stood on the rubble of the Twin Towers and vowed to go after the mastermind of the terrorist attack, actually be expected to do that? How could a partner and life-long beneficiary of the B&B Company go after one of their very own? The B&B Company had a little problem on their hands.

First, the Bin Ladens would have to leave the country and so arrangements were made to pick them up all around the country and jet them back to Saudi Arabia. B&B was on the march.

THE GREATEST MAGIC TRICK IN AMERICAN HISTORY: Next, came the trickiest part of all: to get Osama off the hook. To somehow morph into the very minds of the American people that Osama Bin Laden who had attacked us was one and the same with another person, and who happened to be a B&B enemy: Saddam Hussein. But that would be impossible, wouldn’t it? No one in their right mind would ever swallow that one! Everyone knew that Osama Bin Laden was the one who had attacked us. Everyone knew it, that is, up until about the Fall of 2002 when guess what? Saddam Hussein, our corporate news dutifully informed us, had actually been behind the attacks of 9/11.

But…what about Osama…that Bin Laden guy? “I hardly give him any thought at all” replied President GW Bush to a silly question posed to him. And that was the end of that silly line of thought. Osama who? Forget about it.

The B&B Company. And they are still in business. These days B&B have another serious competitor that they need to dispose of: that pesky little leader in Iran.

No wonder the Secretary of Defense, Mr. Gates, and the Secretary of State, Ms. Rice, are in Egypt today whipping up all the usual suspects against the B&B’s competitor. These guys are good!

So, I really only have one question anymore: How does one buy stock in that B&B Company?


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