Vanashing Light In The Sky Video


The source of this video wrote:

Strange light vanishes!

I filmed this today at aprox 6:20AM. I was panning around the sky doing my usual morning watch as the sun came up over the mountains. Suddenly something caught my attention and I zoomed in on this strange light. I messed up by zooming all the way in with my crappy camera and I was moving right as this thing disappeared! Poof! just gone…
The visibility is horrible today and now that the sun is up I can’t see the landscape at all…The first ridge line is where the light seems to be sitting…

My first thought was this could be a reflection off some windows from a house in the distance…upon closer inspection I noticed that the light seems to be just a tad below the ridge. Not saying it’s not possible that it could have still been on the side of the hill there but it was still pretty early and the sun wasn’t really beaming down in that direction.
It’s very hard to tell but It seemed very much like this was above the ground to me…Later today if the pollution passes or tomorrow morning I’m going to setup again around the same time to see if it’s there again and snap some pictures to see what it looks like over there… Maybe eventually I’ll take a drive for a closer inspection of the surroundings. Sorry for the low quality conversion…

The full mpeg is 233mb. If this is interesting enough to take a look at I’m willing to provide the raw disc for analysis.

Any Thought’s?



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