Mysterious Iron mass discovered buried in Italy


Rough Translation:

ROCCATEDERIGHI. They tried the water, have uncovered “one mysterious mass”, three meters underground, on one hill to two km from Roccatederighi. An extraordinary ritrovamento, about which in country which is spoken sottovoce and on comes made multiple hypotheses, some indeed evocative. Hour on the vicissitude they inquire the police officers of the local station, is an informative one to the Power of attorney of the Republic of Grosseto and from yesterday evening it has been officially invested of the case also the first citizen of the Common one of Roccastrada, Leonardo Marras.

The antefatto one. All it begins during the winter. The owner of a country house, a from Milan one, decides of incaricare of the geologi in order to find, in its property, one water source. He wants to avoid the constant and expensive resource to the tankers in order to provision. We are on a clay hill limekilns, a place from which the Fen is controlled, extraordinary if it were not for that problem: the water, exactly. The geologist makes its must: deepened survey of the ground, geoelettrica surveying with vanguard instrumentations. No source trace, difficult also to suggest a place where to carry out the usual carotaggi. It is risked to work much, to spend equally and not to find one water drop.

Surprise. From Milan tourist makes lever on the relationships of the good environs and asks for being able “to sconfinare”, with its surveyings, in the land of a neighbor. And here something of unthinkable emerges (if one may use the expression). Macché, of the water not is trace. Underground, between the three and five meters of depth, is characterized instead a ferrous mass (would be long beyond twenty meters, wide four). In section it has a strange shape. It remembers a large one, one half platform, perhaps armoring. “Never seen null of similar – it confesses endured the geologist to the commitente – it is a material to elevated conductivity electrical worker, the regular shape. You say what you must make to me”.

A mystery. The searches are stopped. Better one pause than reflection. Meantime the two owners consult, show the papers to an other geologist, ask the delivery for Hush and to the end they choose to postpone. But the curiosity, is known, been a motor difficult to extinguish. Of it they speak, with the colleagues and the University, the geologi been involved. Of it it speaks, in country, the owner of the land. The news is of that they ignite the fantasy, than risvegliano old history, never definitively archiviate. Perhaps the old ones can offer one explanation. Not, unfortunately the old ones do not have idea of what are buried under that hill.

Reactions. They are the geologi, in this vicissitude, to having a role centers them. They not only possess the papers where this anomaly is picked, but also the instruments in order to deepen, for giving clearer answers, without to dig, without to make too much hard work. But to the geologi it has been asked not to speak, to put one to us stone over. When, to the telephone, we contact the discoverer of the mysterious mass before diminishes, then us diffida citing places and names. At last one appeals to the privacy and it threatens the resource to the ways lawyers. It says that one will address a lawyer: “the publicity does not interest me on newspapers. They are disposed to only speak with the police officers”. And therefore it will make.

The confirmations. According to geologist been involved it knows the territory, but it has seen only some papers. it is cautious, nevertheless confirmation, without a shadow of doubt, than “underground, in that property, there is something that would not have is to us”. Confirmation also the nature of the material: a metal, a conductor. It excludes, for the dimensions, than it can be dealt of carroarmato. It suggests, saggiamente, not to make hypothesis hazardous and to invest of the discovery the competent authorities. The first nose-dive, modernized yesterday evening, ends here.


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