Ping from space? We hear you!


KTVU-TV, Channel 2 in San Francisco Bay area, reported yesterday: “Across the globe, researchers searching for signs of life in space were abuzz this week with word that a mystery signal has been picked up by a giant radio-telescope in Puerto Rico. Now the dilemma is — how do you answer it? Dan Wertheimer of the UC Berkeley SETI Project, said the dilemma is compounded by the fact that the signal may never be completely decoded.
‘We probably won\’t be able to decode it,’ he said. ‘We\’ll know something\’s out there, but we won\’t know much about their civilization.’”

Back on November 16, 1974, the Arecibo radio telescope was used to send humanity\’s first message into outer space, which contained basic information about Earth\’s fundamental chemicals of life, the formula for DNA, a crude diagram of our solar system, simple pictures of male and female human beings and the diameter of the Arecibo dish. See: KTVU-TV.


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