The Chatter Of The Morons


It is that time again. Every 4 years, like clock work, you start to hear the chatter of the simpler majority of our society. I am not saying these people are uneducated but very simple. You hear the usual argument: “He is only saying what people want to hear.”. This is true about every politician. Not to mention that these morons always say the same thing: it is almost like a ritualistic song and dance. “I am from this flock of sheep, bah, bah, and bah.”

Granted, I expect this from this genre of people but it always amazes me how they reconfirm their ignorance during the chatter of the morons time period. Do they really think they know all there is to know about our government? As though the government is transparent and would never have a hidden agenda. Do these people really think that they are going to change the world with their single vote?

The world is run by the powerful unseen. The powerful elite which runs the world does not have a shelf life of 4 years. Furthermore the true force of our nation will bend and twist the media until you either vote for the candidate that they will have in office or they will have you think that it was a real close election and make you feel like; well, your guy almost won, maybe next time. The illiterate president we have now is a good example of this point.

The Chatter of the morons, at my age; is a lot like the screeching bugs which announce that it is getting dark. They are simply an annoyance announcing the coming of the new head moron. Is the world asleep at the wheel? Are these people victims of mass programming through the media? Do they simply want to be part of something because they have nothing in their life. Or are these people extensions of the medias control: maybe the media gets them in its grip so tight that they are now a soldier of propaganda and are completely unaware?

I really get a kick out of these morons that do not fully understand a topic or accusation fully, they automatically disagree or say “that is not true”. I just don’t understand how so many of us can be so blind to the truth. You hear their chatter about this fact or that fact but ultimately they blindly are believing what they are told.

So forget the running of the bulls: you can get all the bull and running morons right here in America, every 4 years.


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