Mass Programming. Still Working!

It is not news when you hear about mass programming and how the population is being led by the hand by a higher power. The higher power I refer to is of course the secret global government that is conditioning and lowering the I.Q.’s of society as they wish. The most influenced people are not even aware that they are being controlled and programmed. As a matter of fact the global leaders are so good at their mind programming job that anytime an awakened individual has a discussion with someone still in the grip of the controllers; the awakened party can always detect the ignorance and almost feels superior to the infinite loops that have been programmed into these peoples minds. I always hear the preconditioned response to anyone that does not share the views of the controlled: “That is not patriotic” or “That is unholy”. I do not have the patience to try to even discuss certain views with these people because it is a waste of my time. The controlled today are analogous to the controlled of the past. For example the same people that used to hunt for witches and not speak out against the horrible movement because they were preconditioned to believe what the controllers wanted them to believe or they were afraid of the outcome of speaking out against the monstrosity. You can also take the controlled of yesterday that did not believe that our world is a sphere until their church or government told them that yes it is a sphere and now you can accept this as a fact. Never mind the people that died trying to wake up the world to this fact. (Example: Giordano Bruno). The sad fact is that people like myself, can not wake up anyone from the web or matrix that they are a part of. I can only hope they awake for themselves and meanwhile smile and nod and act like I am interested in their never ending loop like small conversations. The problem in my opinion is that they (being the controlled) easily outnumber us (the awakened). And as time goes on people like myself and so many others that do attempt to make people more aware will continue to fall victim (in one way or the other) to the programmed masses and their controllers. In the end if we do not all wake up soon and do something about the deceit that encompasses our lives there will be no one left to speak out against the system.


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  1. I agree, i’ll type more later if i remember too. good work.

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