Idiocy raises its ugly head again. There is a new bill on the docket and it is known as the Lieberman Bill. This bill is a move toward saving our planet. Which in my opinion; is the most important goal on our planet. I can tell by using my immediate surroundings as an example that the most idiotic people will oppose this bill. I say this with all due respect but you know your local surrounding better than anywhere else and if you listen to the debaters you will find that the people you have least respect for their knowledge automatically think about their wallet. they believe it is better to have man made money in their pockets than having a life supporting biosphere so they can LIVE. If you can not breathe and your planet turns into an autoclave, then what is money worth. Are these people victims of social programming or are they a direct result of our failing educational system? Either way it is common sense and I hope it passes.


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