Bill Nye – The Disinformation Guy

Does Bill Nye represent the governments interest in keeping the UFO fact a secret or is Bill Nye a very simple man that is easily controlled by academia and the main stream media? Unfortunately I really like The Planetary Society and its mission. This is unfortunate because I can not stand to hear their main spokesperson even speak anymore. I have heard Bill Nye The Disinformation Guy give conjecture on topics that he really has no clue about; he always uses cliches and other predictively programmed responses. The way Bill argues “his” points seems to be right inline with what the main stream media does to get the majority to follow their ideologies. That is why I think he is knowingly or unknowingly being used by the government to get the majority (sheeple) of the world, to mentally slide pass the facts right in front of their face.

Maybe Bill should stick to what he knows best,  being a clown.

Leave scientific investigation to people who know that the facts of tomorrow are born from the theories of today and that condemnation without investigation is at the height of ignorance……..


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