N.W.O using China as a testing ground for a new type of Eugenics

It appears the elitists are testing the fact that if you only have 1 female to every 30 males then more than likely (they believe) the best of the 30 would be able to swoon the girl and keep the other 29 males from breeding at all.

This of course would create a population reduction and at the same time would filter out the “bad genes” from the elitists point of view. They believe the 1 female would pick the smartest, strongest, and richest of males. Thus thinning “the herd”.

This of course would be the reverse of sending young men off to kill each other while leaving a large ratio of women to men back home. This wartime type of eugenics has been used throughout time and would not cut back on the population, because simply put: one male has the potential to impregnate many women. But in China only one baby per woman per gestational period would be possible. Add in the fact that you can only have one baby in China and within only a couple of generations your population would be less than a population that went to war…..

How can they stand for this in China? Are they simply under a social type of mind control like everyone else, if not more so? Of course what worries me is our nations federal government believes China to be the ideal civilization and Bush senior even helped the Chinese government adopt this awful “gendercide”.

Through social approval and disapproval many Chinese people are predictively programmed to believe that this is the correct way to live. Will the sheeple in our country allow this to happen here next? Even considering Global warming & food shortages: This Is Not Considered Freedom.

If we do not have freedom over our own bodies and minds as human beings anywhere on this Earth, then what the hell is considered freedom?


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