Exxon Breaks Own Profit Record

Exxon Mobil reported second-quarter earnings of $11.68 billion Thursday, the biggest quarterly profit ever by any U.S. corporation, but the results fell well short of Wall Street expectations and shares fell in premarket trading.

You don’t have to be a genius to see that something is definitely wrong with this picture. However you do have to NOT be under the control of main stream media and social influences apparently.

For example: When I read this article I mentioned it to some of the local sheeple here. They quickly say that is great; because that is money we the investors made. Keep in mind that these same sheeple check how much oil is going for per barrel each day and complain day in and day out about the price of gas.

These people are apparently happy that Exxon Mobile has been gouging their prices and actually think that their very minuscule 401k investment is making up the difference of how much they have paid in per gallon. As a matter of fact these complete brain washed people are being led to believe that the Exxon profit reflects their own income and how well our country is doing. Is there no hope for us as a whole anymore? Is everyone simply a robot that does and says everything the mass programmers want them to do and say?

Welcome to 2008 the era of the walking brain dead.


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