7000 years old. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

If this is not further proof of the dumbing down of the population and mind control then I don’t know what is.

A good example of the sheeple mentality is the belief that our planet is only thousands of years old instead of what the scientific data shows to be more like 4.4 billion years old. Why are these people so easily influenced? I have an idea: Mass Programming from every outlet available to the sheeple. They get together, baa, nod and ultimately agree to not even look at the scientific proof. Are they told not to ask questions and just believe what they are told? Who could keep from asking questions without some from of mind control, or at least social programming at its worst? NOT ME! There is no way a human being is going to tell this human being to just do or believe it and do not ask any questions.

Maybe they should start with exactly how long it takes for a protoplanet to even become a solid object. I will not even address the fossil records and every other aspect of the viewable universe, because quit frankly it is a no brainer no matter how you slice it scientifically.


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  1. Find the herd leader, point it to the cliff. Those that do not follow are hopefuls.

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