Confusion + Truth = Alex Ansary

Meet a hybrid of confusion and truth. Beware this does not happen to you. This guy is someone who lives by slogans and will not listen to reason even if spoken by a master of reason like Alan Watt.

I see this guy as a hybrid because he is awake enough to credit Alan Watt and others, but he has walls that are still up and lives by the slogan  “Out of the box”. Give me a break: we do not need to carry the torch of the Illuminati while we are trying to distinguish it. An “awakened” and informed individual does not take offense when they are approached with the truth no matter what form it may take, especially when it is allowing you to reassess your own beliefs of what the truth really is. Furthermore an awakened individual will not try to stifle any truth even if it is not in accordance with what he or she may perceive to be the truth.


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