Brushy Creek UFO Scare

Starting in February 1973 police in Piedmont, Mo., received over 500 reports of UFO sightings in this rural area.

“YOU WON’T believe this,” Reggie Bone told a FATE reporter, “but I don’t think there’s anyone around here who hasn’t seen one.”

Bone should know because his sighting on the night of February 21, 1973, precipitated the great Brushy Creek UFO scare and brought flying saucers back into the headlines four years after the Condon Committee declared them a dead issue. In sheer quantity of reports the Missouri flap parallels the famous waves of the mid-1960’s. UFOS, whatever they are, probably are going to be as significant a part of the ’70’s.

Southeastern Missouri seems an unlikely place for something so out of the ordinary. In a heavily-forested section of Wayne County between two giant man-made lakes in the eastern Ozarks, Clearwater and Wappapello, the Brushy Creek area encompasses Piedmont (population 1500) to the north and Mill Spring (population 225) to the south. The region is rich in both natural beauty and lead deposits but is not known for much else. Certainly its friendly but skeptical inhabitants were unprepared for a UFO invasion or the international attention following in its wake.

High school basketball coach Bone was no believer in UFOs — at least not before the night of February 21 when with two team managers and three of his players he was returning home along U.S. Highway 60 near Ellsinore, Mo., about 20 miles south of Piedmont. They were in poor spirits after losing a crucial tournament game by seven points and were rehashing their defeat. Suddenly Bone, who was driving, noticed a “bright shaft of light beaming down out of the sky.”

A few miles later as the car passed through the Brushy Creek area, player Randal Holmes noticed something else. “Look!” he shouted. “There’s that thing we saw back on Highway 60!” Bone pulled over to the side of the road and the six piled out.

“It looked like it was about 200 yards off the road hovering over an open field,” Bone said later. (Investigators from the International UFO Bureau (IUFOB) of Oklahoma City later estimated the object probably was about 400 feet above the ground.) “it was impossible to determine the size or shape because of the darkness. Anyway, we saw four lights that looked like portholes: red, green, amber and white. We figured they were about three or four feet apart, all in a row.”

“We just stood there and watched it for about 10 minutes,” Cary Barks, another witness, added. “Then all of a sudden the lights went directly up in the air with absolutely no noise and just disappeared over a hill.”

Half an hour later Mrs. Edith Boatwright of nearby Mill Spring saw the same or a similar object flying low near her farmhouse. “It was about 10:00 P.M.,” she told FATE. “I was lying on my bed — I wasn’t asleep — when I saw a flashing light. We live close by the highway so I thought something had happened on the road. I got out of bed quickly and looked over the lower part of the curtain and I could see very plainly a craft just clearing the utility wires. It was in a horizontal position. I think there were people in it. I could see objects inside but could not make out any form of a person. It made a very quiet noise like a whoosh slowly and evenly. When it changed into a vertical position, it made a louder noise, like a quiet motor pulling.

Edith Boatwright of Mill Spring, Mo., sketched the UFO she observed near her farmhouse on the night of February 21, 1973, as it flew low with its lights flashing.

“It didn’t have any chopper blades on top like a helicopter, just some rotary-like blades in front where an umbrella-like part extended up. It was about 30 or more feet long — very beautiful light-colored body with a darker tail.

“There were no lights on in our house at the time. I watched it for about one or two minutes. It was about 200 or 250 yards from my window, flying below the oak treetops.”

At first Mrs. Boatwright thought the object was “some kind of new nuclear-powered helicopter” but changed her mind in the next few days when she heard about the flood of UFO sightings. It is worth noting, however, that the “whooshing” sound Mrs. Boatwright reported was not heard by other southeastern Missouri UFO witnesses. Conceivably helicopter blades could have made that sound and IUFOB’s Daniel Garcia who interviewed the witness believes it is at least possible that the object was a military aircraft dispatched to the area to look for Bone’s UFO. Arguing against this idea is the fact that the craft as described by Mrs. Boatwright did not look like a helicopter.

Whatever the case, in the next two months the Boatwrights’ farm was to play host to other UFOs including one that apparently landed on a hill behind the house. “We didn’t try to go near it as we had company coming at the time,” Mrs. Boatwright explains.

On February 22, the night after the original Bone-Boatwright sightings. Roy and Beth Burch and Mrs. Kathy Keith, driving in the Brushy Creek area, spotted an object “blinking green, white, amber and red.” Burch tried to chase the UFO along the highway.

“Roy started speeding up to get a close look at it,” Mrs. Keith said. “He was doing about 70 miles an hour but we still lost it. We got to the Creek area and there were some other Piedmont people standing on the road looking at it.”

One of them, Bob Smith, had binoculars focused on the UFO but he could not make out any shape. The lights were visible for 10 minutes longer and then sank over a hill.

Four nights later, on the 26th, Pat Toney and Will Freeman watched a luminous object moving over the trees near the Tip Top Mountains. The UFO about 500 yards away “was solid with prongs on it,” Miss Toney informed the IUFOB. “A red light was on it.”

By far the great majority of sightings in the Piedmont-Brushy Creek-Mill Spring area were the kind UFOlogists call “nocturnal lights” — brilliant flashing lights far enough away that witnesses cannot discern their source.

From February 21 into late April sightings occurred almost nightly. The Piedmont police received over 500 reports and IUFOB director Hayden Hewes told FATE he and his associates, who conducted a detailed investigation, interviewed 200 witnesses. Most of the sightings were fairly routine as UFO reports go and not very revealing. We will concentrate on the more unusual sightings.

MOST RESIDENTS saw the UFOs more than once. Even so, Earl Turnbough’s experience was unique for he had three unusually vivid sightings of more than just lights.

His first encounter took place around 9:00 P.M. about the first of March. Turnbough had just passed over a hill on Highway 49 when he spotted something “lit up like a circus” hovering over the road in front of him. The lights went out within seconds and presumably the object escaped in the darkness.

Two weeks later on March 14 as Turnbough drove through the same area in a thunderstorm he saw an amber light hovering 30 feet above a field less than 200 yards from him.

“I slowed down and watched for five or 10 minutes,” Turnbough said. “When the lightning flashed I could see a dome-shape with sort of an antenna at the top. This amber light was shining from the antenna. All the other lights were off. I would say the thing was between 15 and 20 feet in diameter. It wasn’t making any noise at all.”

He saw a UFO for the third time a week later. “I was feeding cattle at the farm just about dark and I saw this thing come down over Brushy Creek,” he explained. “It was about a thousand feet in the air and shaped like a top. I couldn’t tell if it was rotating or if the lights were just flashing. The lights were yellow, green and red. They could’ve been portholes for all I know. The object sailed over the farm and didn’t make a sound.”

March 14, the same night as Turnbough’s second sighting, Mrs. Maude Jefferis, a photography teacher at Piedmont’s Clearwater High School, took a series of pictures of “a small reddish ball” high in the air. She spotted the object around 11 o’clock and mounting a Crown Graphic 4×5 camera on a tripod, she took a 10-minute time exposure which unfortunately shows little more than a dot in the night sky.

“As a professional photographer,” she said, “I cannot explain the object. It is not a lens flare or light reflection.”

Mrs. Jefferis is referring to a theory proposed by Dr. J. Allen Hynek of Northwestern Univer- sity, former U. S. Air Force UFO consultant, who arrived in Piedmont on March 31, talked briefly with eight persons and left 24 hours later. Hynek’s suggested explanation also has been disputed by photographic experts at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, who say that a lens flare would be widespread over the entire negative rather than a small speck. They further point out that the lens in Mrs. Jefferis’ camera is coated to prevent flares.

That same evening Carl Laxton saw an object shaped, he told IUFOB, “like a barrel with protrusions like arms sticking out of it . . .

“The only way I could see the shape of this thing was when the object seemed to tilt; a brilliant white light appeared to go behind it. The object was tilting from a vertical to a horizontal position and then back to a vertical position again. Then it moved straight up and disappeared into the night sky.”

Seven days later, on March 21, Mrs. Jean Coleman and Mrs. Cathy Leach were crossing the Clearwater Dam about 9:00 P.M. when they saw an object rise out of the lake. Theirs is one of the most spectacular sightings reported.

They were first alerted by a “red flash” on the lake. Stopping their car, they got out to see blinking lights ascending. Each time a red light flashed, the object got brighter.

“We could see it climbing,” Mrs. Coleman said. “It looked like the lights were red, white and yellow. There was no sound. We tried to make out the shape but each time the lights went out we could see nothing . . . We watched it for four or live minutes until it circled out of sight.”

Ken Johnson, owner of the Piedmont Boat Dock, confirmed the women’s story. Shortly be- fore they saw the UFO leaving the water, unnamed campers told Johnson they had seen a “bright light moving right under the surface of the lake.” These latter “aimed a flashlight beam at the traveling light and it went out immediately.”

Later in March two divers from the East Side Divers Supply Company of Granite City, Ill., made three attempts to explore the lake for evidence of the underwater UFO. Unfortunately, unusually heavy spring rainfall (seven inches in March) had raised the water level 30 feet above normal. The lake was extremely murky and the divers found nothing in its depths.

GRAND TOWER, Ill., on the Illinois-Missouri border, is almost 60 miles northeast of Piedmont but the UFO Oscar Wills sighted the evening of March 22 sounds very much like those from Brushy Creek.

Wills, an operating engineer at the Central Illinois Public Service Company’s power generating station on the Mississippi one and a half miles from Grand Tower, first saw the object when fellow-employee, Willis Hughes called from his home to say something was hovering over the transformer yard.

“I went out by myself to take a look,” Wills recounted in an interview with FATE, “and there it was, hovering about 1500 feet in the air and about 200 yards from me.

“It was a round saucer-shaped object about 25 to 30 feet in diameter. It looked like a high-intensity red light with a lot of lights coming out of what seemed to be portholes. The lights were flashing and causing a spinning effect. I couldn’t see any image of its bottom, which may have been concave, I’m not sure.

“I kept walking and got to within 100 yards of it. I looked at it for two or three minutes until it darted behind the power plant almost like a blur. I went north of the power plant to see where it had gone and found it hovering over a water intake pump on the other side of the station. I stood there for a couple of minutes and watched it.”

Wills’ vigil was interrupted by a phone call from another employee (not Hughes) who wanted to know what was going on. By the time Wills got off the phone and enlisted two other men to go outside with him the UFO was gone.

Wills then called Hughes who informed him the object had flown across the river and disappeared into the Missouri hills. Within minutes, however, Wills and his crew saw four jet planes making passes over the plant area as if searching.

“The most amazing part,” Wills says, ” is the way this object moved rapidly with no effort and perfectly silently. I just can’t get over that. I don’t know what it was but I know this much: we don’t have anything like this. “

Wills claimed that a nearly identical object appeared over Grand Tower nearly a month later, on the evening of April 16.

On the night of Wills’ first encounter, March 22, back in Piedmont newsman Dennis Kenney of local radio station KPWB saw “a big orange light, glowing from white to orange. it appeared to just go out and then would come back on.” Gary Sutton, who was with him, snapped eight pictures of it with a 35mm Petri camera loaded with black-and-white infrared film. These photographs show a ball-shaped object with a bright glowing band across its midsection. This sighting took place at 7:30 P.M.

Three hours earlier, at 4:30, a UFO had made a rare daytime appearance. Joe King of Mill Spring and Ron Miller of Piedmont, both students at Southeast Missouri State University (Cape Girardeau), were traveling along Highway 34 near Patterson (eight miles east of Piedmont) when they noticed an oval-shaped object above the nearby treetops. The UFO, “metallic” in appearance, flat on the bottom with a dome on the top, was moving rapidly and leaving no vapor trail.

The following evening, Friday, March 23, Leonard Adams and his 13-year-old daughter Alma of Piedmont encountered a “high-intensity, bright white light” at 7:10.

“It blinked on and off,” Alma recounted, “and every time it blinked it shot up 10 feet. When it got about 300 to 500 feet in the air red and green lights came on and then the object flew horizontally.

“Actually the red and green lights were very dull in comparison with the white light, which was so intense that our eyes couldn’t adjust to it. The light was almost blinding. The farther away the object got, the better you could see the other lights.”

The UFO passed over radio station KPWB, which was not on the air at the time. The next morning the station was unable to sign on because one of its transformers had blown out. Hayden Hewes of IUFOB believes the Adamses’ UFO may. have had something to do with the malfunction but the station’s news director Dennis Hovis, who has conducted his own exhaustive probe into the Brushy Creek flap, disagrees. “It could have been from any number of causes,” he says.

FATE could not confirm any reports of so-called electromagnetic effects but Hovis assured us that some local residents told him of radio and television interference when a UFO was close by. “These people say that when the TV starts rolling and reception gets bad, they can go outside and see a flying object,” Hovis says, adding that some witnesses have heard sounds from the objects — “a sort of high-speed drilling sound.”

Among other reports Hovis has collected is one from a Patterson farm family who heard a high-pitched drilling sound which began around 10 o’clock in the evening all during April. Sometimes it was so loud it shook their house. Too frightened to go outside, they had not, at the time of this writing, discovered its cause. Hovis refuses to release their names to us, explaining that the family in question gave the story to him in confidence.

THE SINGLE most important UFO sighting occurred on April 3 in the daylight. It involved a landing of sorts and provided some physical evidence.

Mrs. Raymond Stucker of Ellsinore traveling down Highway 60 at about noon “saw this thing in the air off to the side of the road,” she told IUFOB investigators. “. . . It looked like something I never saw before. It was round, with the exception of a dome on top . . . three . . . one on top of the other. (*Hewes explains that this means the object had three Pyramiding domes on top, each one smaller than the one below It.) It appeared to have a dull band or something going around the center. The bottom had something like a tripod landing gear.

“The object was hovering just above treetop level off to the right of the road . . . There is a possibility that it came up from the ground and stopped right above the trees.”

She said the UFO was silent and appeared to be made of aluminum.

Two days later Mrs. Stucker led IUFOB officials to the area where they found trees in a 35- foot circle turned counter-clockwise with some of their tips broken off. Geiger counters failed to pick up any unusual radiation but they found a mysterious “ash” near the tops of the trees although there was no evidence the trees had burned.

On Friday, April 13, newsman Hovis and a physicist from Southeast Missouri State University (who has asked not to be identified) made four sightings in the space of three and a half hours. The skeptical scientist had come from Cape Girardeau to see the UFOs for himself and he was not disappointed.

Hovis and the physicist had set up a telescope with a degree-finder on the side in an area near Black River seven miles south-east of Piedmont. At 7:18 P.M. the men saw what Hovis calls a “a light — no visible body or object attached to it — white in color with some yellow.” It was moving from north to south at a 10-degree angle off the horizon. The unnamed physicist speculated it might be a satellite.

At 7:28 a similar iight appeared, moving in the same direction, five degrees off the horizon.

This time the scientist suggested that the booster had followed the satellite into orbit.

But by 9:30 when the third object cruised across the sky the man’s faith in satellites was shaken. This object was traveling south to north, 10 degrees off the horizon and for a brief period it flew toward the witnesses before resuming its northbound course. A fourth UFO, heading from north to south at 10 degrees off the horizon, passed by at 10:45, leaving behind a deeply perplexed scientist.

WHILE NO one has reported seeing UFO occupants Reggie Bone does have a strange story to relate of something he, his wife and two other couples saw around Christmastime in 1971 when they were driving down a little-traveled road in a deserted section of the Brushy Creek area. The time was about 2:00 A.M.

“Suddenly,” Bone says, “we saw this fellow walking up the road toward us in a frogman’s outfit. He was wearing flippers or something resembling them on his feet and he was carrying something in his hands.

“We couldn’t see very well — visibility was poor — so we couldn’t see his face but his body was completely covered. The suit didn’t look wet. Black River is about a quarter-mile away from the road but it’s rather inaccessible from the point where we ran into this figure.

“The temperature was well below freezing and I don’t know of anyone who lives in that area. We were so taken aback that nobody even said anything for several miles. Finally somebody asked, ‘Did you see that?’ “

Bone, with Hovis, has carefully studied the local UFO situation and does not necessarily connect the figure with the mysterious aerial phenomena but he does admit that the recent sightings recalled the earlier incident to his mind. He says he and Hovis found that UFOs have been seen regularly in the more remote sections of Brushy Creek since 1967.

To the UFOlogist, Bone’s 1971 encounter is reminiscent of numerous landing reports that include beings dressed in what witnesses almost invariably describe as “diving suits.” A more mundane explanation for this incident may exist but the story deserves being recorded here for whatever it may be worth.

Dennis Hovis offers the only possible commentary on Brushy Creek’s flying saucer onslaught: “I don’t know what we’re seeing but I do know we’re seeing something. It’s not swamp gas and it’s not satellites either. On the other hand, I can’t say they’re aliens — I’m just a newsman, not a scientist.

“All I’ll say is this, this is some kind of aerial phenomenon. It’s simply unexplainable. From the reading I’ve done lately, I guess that these things always have been around and no one anywhere has ever been able to explain them. “


Ancient crashed UFO claimed to be from dinosaur age, 150 million years ago

News released today about a secret U.S. Government project to analyze an allegedly extraterrestrial craft has a unique twist.

This craft did not crash in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico.

According to the anonymous sources, it crashed approximately 150 million years ago during the age of the dinosaurs.

This information has been posted on the Web site, home to other reports about extraterrestrial visitation reportedly provided by current and former officials of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

The conduit for the information is Victor Martinez, the moderator of an e-mail “stream” information service that focuses on topics related to anomalous phenomena. Martinez has reportedly worked for several U.S. Government agencies.

In late 2005, Martinez wrote that these DIA sources had reached out to him to reveal information about “Project SERPO,” a later code name for a secret “exchange program” in the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s between a small team of American military personnel and extraterrestrial visitors who had established contact with the U.S. Government.

Other information reportedly provided by these sources noted that the U.S. Government maintains records collected by both U.S. officials and a race of extraterrestrials that notes visitation to Earth in ancient times.

The most recent information report from the anonymous sources via Martinez makes the claim that “A highly classified, sensitive operation with far-reaching national security implications that took place in 1968.”


“A [redacted] archaeological team uncovered a large metallic object in a remote area of southern [redacted] which is a close NATO ally of ours,” according to Martinez’ anonymous sources.

The sources also reportedly told Martinez, “The object was believed to be an alien spacecraft that had crashed approximately 200 million years ago according to the archaeological team. The site subsequently was examined by a USAF recovery team, which then put the age of the alien craft at approximately 150 million years ago.”

As fantastic as this sounds, it is not inconsistent with other speculation that if extraterrestrial visitors have been coming to Earth in recent decades, it is possible they visited in previous centuries and in the far-distant past.

Martinez reports that his sources stated, “Our scientists used the absolute dating method employing decaying radioactive isotopes. Sedimentary rock formations and the fact that the object was embedded into the rock were used to estimate the age of the alien craft.”

“The alien craft itself was 45 feet in diameter,” the sources continued. “The craft was transported to the State of [redacted] and then to the giant [redacted] lab complex in [redacted] and opened.”

“The alien craft contained two highly decomposed alien bodies and decayed animals, which were apparently abducted by these alien beings. The animals were small dinosaurs on board the alien craft.”


Martinez states that his sources provided the following information: “The craft was stored at [redacted] and years of intense research were conducted. The last time I checked, the research team ruled out the craft being of Eben origin.”

“Eben” is a name allegedly given to an ET culture who have visited Earth from the Zeta Reticuli star system, were the group who crashed in Roswell and the beings with whom the U.S. shared the exchange program.

The anonymous sources allegedly added, “However, no one could tell where it came from. The alien bodies were far too decomposed to be thoroughly examined. They were about 5 feet tall and had very large, bulbous heads.”

“To the best of my knowledge, ‘Operation [redacted]’ is still an ongoing project. I personally worked on the operation in the early ’70s.”

“The instruments from the craft were interesting because they were made of small crystal-like devices, wired together with a form of very fine wire.”

“The alien propulsion system contained a large chamber with what we called ‘rocks’ (obviously some form of energy) in the chamber. Large vents placed around the chamber vented some sort of power, radiation or some form of tremendous energy generated through the vents and into the propulsion chamber which enabled interstellar space travel.”

The anonymous sources claimed, “Examination of the rocks found zinc, and several unknown materials and alloys which we still cannot identify to this day. The ‘rocks’ obviously lost all of their energy over the years. They were not radioactive nor did they contain any special properties. We could never power up the alien craft in the nearly 40 years we’ve had possession of it.”

“We could not locate the actual power system and therefore could never operate any of the equipment contained within the craft. However, we did find a ‘star chart.’ The chart was created from outside of the Earth on the alien home world.”

“To this day, we have been unable to read and decipher the alien star chart. The star chart was of a deep area of space, but our scientists haven’t been able to find that specific area of space.”

“ … the amazing … alien technology on this craft has similarly stumped us; while some progress has been made on it since 1968, it’s been minimal (partially due to the poor, degraded condition of the alien craft).”


In the posting on and in his e-mail stream, Martinez and his anonymous sources reflect on the implications of what a discovery of this nature means.

“Anonymous” writes, “… the existence of alien civilizations who had already achieved space traveling capabilities zipping around the Milky Way Galaxy (and perhaps others) truly boggles the mind.”

“The Ebens were perhaps still in their ‘galactic diapers’ when these alien beings were already visiting other worlds –150-200 MYA [million years ago] and Homo sapiens did not even exist!”

“One can only wonder and speculate where a civilization – that had already achieved interstellar space travel – would be at today technologically from 150-200 MYA!”

Anonymous and Martinez continued their speculation with Anonymous allegedly stating: “How many star systems have they visited by now? How many other alien civilizations have they made successful contact and interacted with, and perhaps carry on some sort of trade with? How many solar systems have they visited and mapped out in our Milky Way Galaxy and perhaps those of other galaxies?”

“One also has to consider the possibility that rather than this crash having occurred in our timeline of 150-200 MYA, these alien beings traveled to Earth from the future to our distant past – when dinosaurs ruled – as part of a research mission … that also boggles the mind!” Anonymous said, according to Martinez.

As with all of the Project SERPO information, this latest chapter will surely provoke discussion, doubts about its truthfulness and trigger the imaginations of many readers.

Is it true? Is it some kind of disinformation or phony claim? Is there some truth hidden within inaccurate information?

Is it part of an “acclimation” program to prepare Americans and the human race for the awareness of very interesting and surprising information?

At present, it is not possible for most readers to confirm the truthfulness of the statements Anonymous is reportedly making to Martinez and Martinez is passing on to the public.

What may be helpful for our perspectives, however, is considering that if extraterrestrial visitation to Earth is a reality, then it could have been occurring in time frames beyond what we might have previously thought.

Gary McKinnon – loses extradition appeal

A Briton accused of hacking into top secret military computers has lost a Law Lords appeal against being extradited to stand trial in the US.

Gary McKinnon, 42, could face a life sentence if found guilty of gaining access to 97 American military and Nasa computers from his London home.

Glasgow-born Mr McKinnon has admitted breaking into the computers but said he was trying to find information on UFOs.

His lawyers said they would apply to the European Court to stop his removal.

Mr McKinnon first lost his case at the High Court in 2006 before taking it to the highest court in the UK, the House of Lords.

He was arrested in 2002 but never charged in the UK.

The US government claims he committed a malicious crime – the biggest military computer hack ever.

A statement by solicitors for McKinnon, who was not at the Lords to hear the judgement, said: “Gary McKinnon is neither a terrorist nor a terrorist sympathiser.

Clark C. McClelland – 8 to 9 feet tall ET in shuttle payload bay.

In SUPPORT of MY FRIEND, Courageous, US NASA ASTRONAUT, Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14!

I, Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, personally observed an 8 to 9 foot tall ET on his 27 inch video monitors while on duty in the Kennedy Space Center, Launch Control Center (LCC). The ET was standing upright in the Space Shuttle Payload Bay having a discussion with TWO tethered US NASA Astronauts! I also observed on my monitors, the spacecraft of the ET as it was in a stabilized, safe orbit to the rear of the Space Shuttle main engine pods. I observed this incident for about one minute and seven seconds. Plenty of time to memorize all that I was observing. IT WAS AN ET and Alien Star Ship!

A friend of mine later contacted me and said that this person had also observed an 8 to 9 foot tall ET INSIDE the SPACE SHUTTLE CREW COMPARTMENT! Yes, inside OUR Shuttle! BOTH missions were DoD (Pentagon) TOP SECRET (TS) encounters!

With my verifiable background, there is no Federal Government Agency that can say I am crazy!

I am a SPACE PROGRAM PIONEER. I assisted in launching the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Apollo-Soyuz, Skylab, Space Shuttle, Deep Space Missions, and the International Space Station.

I have received character substantiation from: Walter Cronkite, Major Donald
Keyhoe, NICAP Director, Richard Hall, Assistant Director of NICAP, Astronomer, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, etc. I served as the Assistant State of Florida and KSC Director of MUFON, the Director of the NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) at Cape Canaveral and KSC! I have received honored mentions from US Senators, Congressman, Military Officers and Scientists. (See my website site below for more exciting disclosures)

In fact, this absolutely verifies what my friend, Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, of Apollo 14, has recently and courageously released!

I have launched or witnessed 650 missions, so far in my life!

I am an expert in visually recognizing any crafts created and flown by the human race, whether secret or otherwise!I know an ET and Alien craft when I see them!

I was the Director of the NICAP Unit-3 actual X-Files at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, 1958 to 1992! YES, the ACTUAL X-FILES!! Aliens ARE HERE!! They walk among US! They may be implanted into OUR various earth governments!!

What I know, they would NOT allow me to publish! I have written at least three books to release the TRUTH to all of the HUMAN RACE! I was on the leading edge of this subject, and I have met with many NASA and other astronauts throughout the years I have been involved in the Military, NASA Space Programs, 1958 to 1992! I have heard many experiences of ETs having been seen on the Moon, etc., by NASA Astronauts and I relate these and more in my books.

NASA is not a CIVILIAN SPACE AGENCY! The Pentagon owns NASA! Some of the DoD (Department of Defense) missions I participated in were TOP SECRET! Those missions carried TS Satellites and other space mission hardware into orbit where several crews met with ETs! I am ready to tell my story, but, for compensation.

Clark C. McClelland,
former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet,
Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

Contact me at:

P.O. Box 233
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Edgar Mitchell the 6th man on the moon discloses more information on an internet radio show interview.

Edgar Mitchell says there IS life in the Universe. He says we have been visited, and that UFOs have been covered up by the government for a long time. Edgar says it is a real phenomena. He says he’s been inside military circles and they know we’ve been visited and talk about it behind closed doors.
He says he’s been involved in certain research committees and knows people who know the real story.
There is quite a bit of contact going on.
The Roswell crash was real.
Doesn’t know if Disclosure will be this year or not…
Public acceptance is increasing.
Not all UFOs are of ET origin. Some are home-grown. But some are ET crafts.
He’s not concerned about his safety talking about it openly anymore.
Alien intent is not hostile.
Some others involved in the Moon landing also know the truth.
The host made the point that this is the first time Edgar has stated so clearly that ET life exists and UFOs are real.

Thank you Edgar Mitchell for telling us THE PEOPLE the truth.

Bill Nye – The Disinformation Guy

Does Bill Nye represent the governments interest in keeping the UFO fact a secret or is Bill Nye a very simple man that is easily controlled by academia and the main stream media? Unfortunately I really like The Planetary Society and its mission. This is unfortunate because I can not stand to hear their main spokesperson even speak anymore. I have heard Bill Nye The Disinformation Guy give conjecture on topics that he really has no clue about; he always uses cliches and other predictively programmed responses. The way Bill argues “his” points seems to be right inline with what the main stream media does to get the majority to follow their ideologies. That is why I think he is knowingly or unknowingly being used by the government to get the majority (sheeple) of the world, to mentally slide pass the facts right in front of their face.

Maybe Bill should stick to what he knows best,  being a clown.

Leave scientific investigation to people who know that the facts of tomorrow are born from the theories of today and that condemnation without investigation is at the height of ignorance……..

Nuclear Facilities Shutdowns by UFOs- “The American government does not want the American people to know the facts.”

Video coverage is now available of CNN’s Larry King Live  interview with three former Air Force Officers along with UFO research expert Robert Hastings. The interviews describe compelling incidents involving shutdowns by UFOs of nuclear weapon launch facilities in the 1960’s. No public reports by military officials were ever made about these breaches of American air space or the shutdown of sensitive national security nuclear launch facilities.

In the video Mr. King boldly makes the claim on national television that this military witness evidence proves the American government does not want the American people to know the facts.

These 1960’s national security breaches of controlled air space are now placed in the historical context of a substantiated 2008 FAA Radar Report assembled by Glen Schulze and Robert Powell. According to the FAA data in the Schulze-Powell report, unambiguous radar returns show craft of unknown origin without transponders entered controlled air space in January of 2008.

These unknown craft appeared to move with impunity in controlled air space near Stephenville Texas and flew to within 10 miles of the Crawford Ranch of President Bush, commonly referred to as the Western White House in January 2008.

Although 2.8 million data bits of FAA radar returns clearly show unknown air craft in its records, strangely, military officials at the largest radar facility at Fort Worth Texas and other nearby military radar station officials stated they had nothing to report on for that night despite FOIA requests filed with them by Schulze and Powell.

Is it simply a matter of time until the government and military respond to the increasing pressure being placed on them by CNN to come forward with the truth about the UFO/ET cover-up and this incident? Or, will these officials remain ambivalent as demonstrated by their current policies and practices?

A representative from Exopolitics Toronto stated in a recent radio interview, “At some point government officials will have to respond to this issue openly because, the United States Air Force, the agency responsible for Homeland Security in the air, has demonstrated that it is incapable of dealing with these types of incursions into its air space, or, at the very least is unaware of or lying about them. It appears since the 1960’s the United States Air Force is just as incapable of dealing with UFOs in 2008 as it was then. Any of these scenarios is frightening if not insidious. Both the government and the Air Force are running out of explanations.”

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